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Nick Ragu


Hello my name is Nick "Ragu" Rogowski. I spent many years of my life stuck like many people do nowadays. Out of shape, unhealthy, with no end game or plan in site. Something had to change as I got up in weight as high as 365lbs, pre diabetic, and on all kinds of meds. I set out one day on a mission to be healthy. I rid of all the bad food in my house in place of healthy food and started going on walks daily. With the combination of eating healthy and exercising I managed to shed 80lbs in 6 months and the rest was history. I just kept going! This led to getting certified in personal training to help others like me and anyone looking for a lifestyle change. I hold ISSA Personal Training and Nutrition Certifications.

The best part about helping others is watching them overcoming the fear of starting and staying on track. It's a hard process but through motivation and dedication anything is possible. Watching them do things they never thought possible is an amazing thing to witness. Hearing success stories and all the great things they say about how I treat and train them is the best feeling.

I followed DJ on Instagram when he opened UGI as I was training out of Fitworks in Highland Heights at the time. As a part time trainer living in Lyndhurst I never made it into UGI until one day I seen an Instagram story about him hiring. Hesitant to reach out I decided to go for it. He was very quick to respond as I told him part of my back story. Shortly after one day after work I stopped in to meet him and the rest is history. He asked if he could start that Monday and I called off work to do so. After a few short weeks I was rocking and rolling and everyone at UGI welcomed me like one big family and that family just keeps on growing. I was asked to teach a group HIIT Class on Wednesdays shortly after. I was nervous but here we are 2 and a half years later killing the game. "Death By Ragu" was born and our HIIT Classes are a huge success. I cannot be anymore thankful for the opportunity I was given and my UGI Family is a big part of my life. UGI Vs Everyone

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