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DJ Jacobucci


My Father taught me how to lift weights at a very young age , it was something that always intrigued me. The thought that by simply training I could become a bigger , faster , stronger version of me blew my mind .
Growing up my father enrolled me in Black Rose Kenpo karate and wrestling , I loved it I was instantly obsessed . Fitness became my life it was one thing I had that never let me down, if I was doing the work the results ALWAYS came .

I continued to wrestle all through school, I made the trip down to the state tournament to wrestle a few times but always had the elusive state title evade me .

I turned down several wrestling offers due to personal life experiences and decided I needed a career . Initially I looked into sports medicine / training but decided against it.

I enrolled in Firefighter Academy and EMT school the winter after I graduated high school . I eventually became a full time firefighter/ paramedic and honestly that’s what really pushed me into the importance of fitness and health.

I saw first hand the direct correlation of poor choices affecting people’s health , and I knew I needed to do something about it .

I had been training buddies since I was a teen in my basement , I had become obsessed with paramedicine and pharmacology it only seemed natural I combine them.

I began taking every personal training and nutrition certification I could find , the more I learned the more I became obsessed .

I began working on my days off from the Fire department at various gyms all over taking clients . I was able to help people , I was able
to change and save lives but not in a traumatic situation like a 911 call, I knew then this is what I had to do.

Working at various gyms I saw many owners actions and many gym environments that I knew I would never want to be apart of .

I took the lacking aspects from others and started planning to open my very own gym. I had enough of building up others businesses I couldn’t stand behind .

The environment and facility I have built at UGI is like nowhere else . I have put my life and soul into UGI and will continue to do so. If you’ve never been here , you need to be .

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